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Looks like I’m the first one to train for a race here! doing a 5k run this Sunday! Wish me luck guys, I’m gonna try to go under 22:30 but we shall have to wait for the results :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey good luck man! You got this! I ran a turkey trot a last week and it went well! I ran a 26:07 and I’m really happy with that :slight_smile:

allright that’s a good time! congratulations! I ran my 5k this Sunday and had a sub-22 min! Super happy with my time (21:50)! It still hurts like hell to walk now but it was definitely worth it! I am a little scared though for my swim meet this sunday, let’s see!


if it hurts like hell, you ran it well, Congrats! Good luck on your swim meet this sunday, but why not do a triathlon and just have all three?

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Thank you! That is because it is off-season right now… no triathlon races… only individual races which is why I do them and test myself in each discipline :slight_smile:

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Hahaha, that’s a good motto:" If it hurts like hell, you ran it well"


That’s really smart! How did your swim go? was it an open water swim or something else?

I did quite well actually, it was a us masters swim meet and I broke 3 personal bests (with my fastest being 50m freestyle with a time of 26.32) and also a 100 free with a time of 57.92 :slight_smile: The rest wasn’t that good but I swam my meet and am happy I did :slight_smile:

Ow wow! that’s really fast! I used to be a swimmer but never got under the minute on the 100 free! Congrats! That’s a good achievement on itself :slight_smile:

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And I’m running a 10k for Christmas! Hoping to go under 45 mins :slight_smile: wish me luck guys!

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Thank you very much, I am quite happy with that time :stuck_out_tongue: What was your fastest time? And also, good luck on running under 45 mins! that is really hard but I believe you can do it!

Thank you :slight_smile: My fastest time was 1:01:76 I’m kinda sad that I didn’t go under the minute but I really had to change sports after that many years of swimming

Wow, that’s super fast for a girl (not to be sexist but biology is biology) And yeah, I understand that you need a break from swimming. Especially after hard swimming for some years, I personally didn’t really train more than 3 times each week until I was older… But I have to eat now, it was nice chatting with you Colleen!

Biology is biology :tipping_hand_woman: I swam 6x a week so that’ll do it. Enjoy your meal! it was nice talking to you too Kyle!

I was wondering, do you guys like swimming or running more? if you had to choose on to do for the rest of your life?

Hmmm, very difficult choice. Every time that I am sick of swimming and I take a break from it I realise I come back after 2-3 months… Cycling is definitely more exciting. I think I could never give up swimming, as it is a part of my personality I think. What’s your favorite sport?

Hi, My favorite sport is cycling!

I like both, but swimming feels much more exhausting than running for me. Even though you feel more zen afterwards! So Running for the win!