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I ran a turkey trot last week and I’m feeling super tired… I also don’t feel like running anymore, is this normal? Will it go away?

Hey Mary, I’m not sure but I also have the same problem sometimes when doing big races, it would be nice to know why that happens

Also, what do all of you guys think about the 80/20 training method? anyone had succes with it?

Hello, I am not a physical therapist but I can certainly say that the 80/20 training plan has helped me so much! I used to do way too much training in zone 3 and I was always super tired and didn’t really enjoy cycling and running that much nor was I improving that much, but about a year ago I really saw a lot of people that liked it so decided to give it a try and now I am feeling happier after training, more fit and injury-free than ever! So definitely recommend it

Yep definitely good, I even do about 90/10 zone 2. Making a ton of progress in running, used to only be able to run 2km and then feeling like I was dying, and now I can comfortably run 10k each week and recover in less than 2 days

Sweet! Very nice to see

what’s 80/20 and 90/10? is that like blood sugar level or something?

definitely not blood sugar level :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a training rule/plan where you do 80 % of your training in zone 2 (endurance). You should be able to hold that tempo for 2-3 hours. The other 20% should be hard. It’s something that can help you stay injury-free while improving so much (when starting out I even recommend doing 100% zone 2 endurance) It’s what I did for my running and it’s sweet. Hope this answer helps!

Ooow allright, I’ll try it! Ignore that I said sugar level… :wink: This makes more sense

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Yeah you should 100% try it! like I said before, this has helped me become fitter and injury-free so much better than all the other advice out there!

Hey, I am trying it right now, but mentally it really feels difficult to run that slow. I guess I have to trust the process… If you say it works I will have to trust you :wink:

Yep, in the beginning it feels difficult to run that slow but after a while you’ll realise that it helps a ton and then it will get better! Trust the process!

Hi, I agree, the hardest part is mentally!