Running shoe favorites

What are everyone’s favorite running shoes?

I’ve been running in Asics Gel Kayanos for more years than I care to count (20+). That said, I recently got a pair of Brooks Glycerin GTS. I love the feel of the new Brooks, but I think my body is still adjusting to them, so I reverted to my old brand/style (Asics) while I work through injury recovery.

That’s actually really funny, I’ve also only had the Asics Gel Kayanos for my running life time (even my day-to-day shoe) I just love the ankle support they give. Also once I started using that shoe I have only twisted my ankle 1 time in over 4 years! Was thinking about getting some race shoes but didn’t want to spend too much money on it so decided to stick with the Kayanos :slight_smile:

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Ha, awesome! Yep, I buy two pairs - one for running and one for day-to-day use. I do love the stability, especially since one of my ankles is still weaker than the other due to surgery. Have you tried the 29s yet? I heard they changed a fair bit about the styling and people either love or hate the change.

Haven’t tried them yet, I currently have the 8s for daily use and the 27s for running, I am the most happy with the 8s because they feel the best, but the 27s always feel weird for the first time running in a while, do you have both of the same models as shoes for daily use and running?

Mine are Hoka Mach 5, I have bought them once and never changed since, I am happy with them as they feel really comfortable, but I also haven’t tried another pair yet so my opinion is a little biased. Can’t recommend them enough!

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I currently run in Kayano 28s and walk and do daily chores in Kayano 27s. No particular reason for this, other than the fact that I can buy the old version for discounted rates once the new version comes out, and they make good daily shoes.

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Ow okay, I guess I will have to try the 28s for running after the 27s are worn out :slight_smile:

Mine are the Nike Alphafly’s, before I bought them I was a bit skeptical at first because people would say that you would get less fatigued in the long runs but after I bought them I was quite surprised, I’m not changing back to any other running shoes any time soon! they really do help you stay less fatigued

I like to run barefoot, since I do most of my running on a treadmill. I do sometimes run outside barefoot too, but it’s a little more precarious. I just really hate wearing shoes.

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Hmm interesting, and you don’t have any knee-pain/ other pain from running? I saw some videos which said that barefoot running was really good for you, but I haven’t tried it yet! I am a little scared :slight_smile:

No, I don’t have any pain from barefoot running. I do, however, have pain in my ankle when running with shoes on. I think it’s because I always went everywhere barefoot as a kid so I’m used to running on the balls of my feet which doesn’t work so well in shoes. If you do decided to give barefoot running a try start slow so you don’t stub a toe (or worse). Also, don’t run on grass. So many sharp things are hidden under grass.

Very cool! Thank you for the tips, never thought about grass being dangerous but that’s a super good point! I think I will stay running with shoes on for now, because I don’t have any pain anywhere but if I do ever switch I will remember your advice :slight_smile:

I use the Nike Pegasus 36, I like the feel of them and plushness. Cool to meet a barefoot runner Tara! I could never run barefoot, when I don’t wear shoes for 2 hours my feet start to hurt… How many times do you run each week? And do you ever get back pain from running barefoot?

Currently I’m running 3x weekly, I used to run daily but I don’t have as much time anymore. I have had back pain, but I don’t know if it’s from running barefoot or from poor form when doing other exercises. I’m usually pretty pain free after a run, though.

Back pain could be from anything, but that’s good that you don’t have any pain after running! 3 runs/ week is already pretty good, if you want to run more, have you tried running before work? It’s something that I’ve done in the past when I didn’t have that much time to spare but that way you can still keep/improve your fitness.