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What do you guys think about the new apple watch ultra?

i like it quite a lot, the battery life is so much better than the SE version, which was the main problem with the apple watch. It’s also sweet that it works so well with your phone, but it does come at a heavy pricetag :sweat:

Apple watch ultra is soooo expensive, garmin forerunner 955 is also expensive but still 200 dollars less, and in my opinion it’s the best sports watch for long distances.

Don’t know if there are many mtb’ers here, but what do you guys think about the bosch ABS? personally I think that it’s great for noobs, but it should not be used in downhill races as it will change everything and lose skill…

I like it a lot for some people, especially newbies but not for everyone! And it also looks like there aren’t that many mtb’ers :frowning: You guys should try it! It is super fun and adventurous!

I personally didn’t like the idea of it, but then I crashed while mountainbiking last week because it was super loose and that made me think twice. If there is a test trial I will try it :slight_smile:

Auch, for me it could also definitely help. I am quite the noob in cycling! :stuck_out_tongue:

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