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Hey Pablo, your blog on injury prevention for marathon runners on is super helpful! Especially those 5 simple exercises! For the people interested in the blog here is the link: Injury Prevention for Marathon Runners

Hey, I totally agree with you, I hate doing exercises but these exercises are just short enough that I do them! have been doing them for some days now and I think it will help me a lot running my next marathon!

I’ll give them a try! Let’s see if they help my knee pain

Found another great article talking about the 80/20 rule for running, for all people that don’t know what it is I’ll quickly summarize: You do about 80% of your training at an easy endurance pace (also known as zone 2) and the other 20% you do hard training (known as zone 3-5). It’s a super good way to stay injury-free when training because most of the time you are going to hard without realising it :slight_smile:
Link: What is 80/20 training?

Now I completely understand what you meant by 80/20, trying a new approach!

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You’re welcome friend!

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I can confirm that I now no longer have any knee-pain for those interested! Thank you all!

Hey, I found some information about the Maffetone method, you basically run slower to burn fat to help you run faster. Feel free to read more! I Tried the Maffetone Method for a Year | by Brad | Runner's Life | Medium