Casual Chatting

This topic is for all people that are just looking for a place to chat :slight_smile:

How were everyone’s holidays? Did all of you have a good Christmas & New Year?

Yep! Had a very good time! I didn’t run as much because for some reason it is always so difficult in the holidays but visited a lot of stuff in Europe! Rome was exceptionally beautiful!

Amazing (as always), visited Chile and forgot how beautiful the mountains really were! I recommend it to everyone! The landscapes are phenomenal, and so are the people :slight_smile: How was yours?

Chile is still on my bucket list! Amazing country I believe. My Holidays were a bit more casual, just spending time with some family. Nothing too fancy :slight_smile:

My holidays weren’t great, unfortunately. Whole family got the flu right before Christmas and then our pipes froze and burst so we had to dig them out and fix it as soon as we were starting to get better. But at least we’re all feeling better now and the pipes are replaced and much better insulated.

Ow no, that sucks! Double unluckiness! It was super cold all over the United States & Europe, but luckily we didn’t have that problem… Now you will probably be fine for another 10 years. RIP Holidays :frowning:

Wow, that sounds like a real nightmare, I am sorry to hear that!